Every generation of veterans faces challenges, some unique, some shared. Today`s veterans of the Global War on Terror can`t wait for history to define their generation. The needs of veterans are real and present, and now is the time to act in support of veterans` needs.

The statistics speak for themselves:

Ohio currently has 193,800 veterans, the 6th highest population of veterans in America.

99% of Americans have not served in the military. That means veterans make up less than 1 percent of the population. Yet 25% of the nations homeless are veterans.

63% more veterans are unemployed then the civilian population.

Divorce rates for veterans are 62% higher than the civilian population.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 40,000 have been physically wounded. The estimates are that over 300,000 will suffer from PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury.

The saddest statistic tells a terrible story. On average, 18 American veterans commit suicide - every single day. Now is the time to act!


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